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Dark Atmosphere

A Fantasy World darker than everything you could imagine. Bound in an unrelenting war between light and darkness

New Mechanics

Completely new mechanics.  Unique Erebos system replacing alignment and magic. Injury table and unique fate point system

Outstanding Lore

An in depth designed world with nations, alliances, conspiracies and rivalries. Myths, places and ancient history to be revealed.

Are you afraid of the dark, young traveler?

Do you know there are places colder than death? Fyera is not the same anymore.

Beyond the sunny meadows, the majestic cities and the light that shines upon the Lands of the Old Days. Beyond the wet jungles, the pale, misty forests, and towering mountains of the Penumbra, lies a veil o pure darkness.

A darkness so deep, cold and evil with the power to corrupt and destroy every single form of life.

Seas of blood have been spilled to restrain and eliminate it. Thousands of soulsparks have been returned to the Soulmist after their hosts died fighting for a foot of land.

Are you prepared enough to take on your role in this conflict?

Are you ready to discover the secrets of the world of Fyera?

Time will tell, as it always does…


Completely New Races


Classes & Archetypes


Feats & Spells


Check later for the launch of the campaign….

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